Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dogs Helping Kids With Autism

There are times when the talents of the canine species overwhelm even me. I just watched an inspiring Yahoo video of an interview on ABC's Good Morning America. The title was:"Canine Companions for Autistic Kids." Here is the video link:
For more information on the dogs and how to obtain them, go to and click on Good Morning America.


Apple said...

Th power of a friend is just amazing! Weare all so blessed to hav dogs among us.

SoulandSubstance said...

I agree. Sometimes, they simply make life worth living!

Ruth said...

That's a great video! Dogs are so amazing. They teach and give us so much every day. I've been reading this wonderful book called Life to the Max about author Robin Reynolds and the life lessons she and her family learned from their dog Max. It's an amazing testament to what we can learn from our dogs if we pay enough attention.

SoulandSubstance said...

I'm glad you liked it. I thought it was neat. That book sounds great. Thanks for the reference.

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