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Q: Dear Ginny: I have heard that grapes and raisins are poisonous. Is that true? If it is, how many can a dog eat without getting sick?

A: Yes, it is true, but the toxic dose varies with the individual dog. The toxic substance has not been identified, but recent information indicates that it is water soluble and is in the flesh of the fruit, not the seeds. The result of consuming a toxic dose of grapes or rasins is acute kidney failure. The lowest reported toxic doses are 0.7 oz/kg body weight, for grapes (0.32 oz/pound body weight); and 0.11 oz/kg for raisins (0.05 oz/lb). Because of the wide variation in an individual dog or cat's susceptibility to the toxin, it is best not to feed grapes or raisins in any quantity. Vomiting is one of the first signs usually seen with grape or raisin toxicity. Unfortunately, vomiting is such a non-specific symptom that, unless you know that the animal has consumed grapes or raisins (or you see it in the vomited stomach contents or in the feces), it is difficult to know what the culprit is. However, 5-6 hours after exposure, other signs may start to develop, including diarrhea, lethargy, and increased water drinking (thirst). Signs of acute renal (kidney) failure may develop within 24 hours or take as long as several days. Signs include loss or appetite, lethargy, weaakness, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. The urine volume may be increased or decreased, depending upon the severity of the kidney damage. The most complete information on these or any toxic substances can be found at the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center in Illinois. If your dog or cat has ingested raisins, grapes, or any toxic substance, call their hot-line at (888) 426-4435. A $60 consultation fee may be applied to your credit card. If a credit card is not available, they may be able to have the fee charged directly to your phone, using a 900-number. Their web site can be accessed on the ASPCA site: .

For more information on raisin and grape toxicity, go to the following web pages:

An excellent web site for many veterinary questions. The site is geared toward pet owners.

Disclaimer: The comments posted here are for information purposes only. Every individual is different, so if you have any health concerns at all about your pet, you should always consult your veterinarian.


Travelista said...

Thanks Ginny for the information!
Even though we're dachsie's )and we love..... food); we'll try not to eat any grapes or raisins if they fall on the floor.

Lucy and Stella
Mini-Dachsies from AZ :)

SoulandSubstance said...

Thanks, you two. You are very cute and I am glad that you are so wise, too.

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