Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I am the Official Mascot of VEFM

I want to announce that I have been promoted to the enviable position of Official VEFM Mascot. You might wonder, "What is VEFM?" I am proud to tell you that it is the brain-child of my veterinarian human, Dr. Lucy Schroth, who previously wanted to stay anonymous in my blog, because she wanted me to get the spotlight. However, I convinced her that VEFM's goals are so important to pet owners that she really needed me to tell as many dogs and cats (and their humans) about it. VEFM stands for Veterinary Emergency Funding Mission. My two human partners, Dr. Lucy and her husband Don Schroth (an ordained minister) are establishing this organization to assist financially strapped owners whose pet is faced with a serious emergency. It is taking a long time to get all the paperwork in Massachusetts completed, so they have not yet been able to do an all-out fund-raising drive. I am trying to do my part (now that I'm "official") in telling everyone I know to find some person or company who might be interested in being a VEFM benefactor. What VEFM really needs is a large donation, that can be set aside as an endowment, so that the interest can be what is used to help these pet owners. The web site is http://www.vefm.org/ and the blog is http://vefm.blogspot.com/. The need is so great. I wish I could do more......WOOF !


Peanut said...

HI Verginia, My names Peanut. I'z gotz my own bog finally. Daddy put youz Veterinary Emergency Funding Mission badge on My'z Bog. It'z real portant to let hoomans knows about dis mission, and the good work You'z doin.

LucyS said...

Woof. Thanks, Peanut. Please pass on the word about VEFM. I'll be over to visit your blog soon.

SGR said...

Woof! Congratulation Woof! Sugar

Anonymous said...

Took me a while, but I think I have finally tracked you down. Sorry for using this mechanism to communicate. Please send me your email address so we can catch up! Mine has not changed and is also on the Oberlin Alumni web site. Dave Knecht

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