Sunday, July 5, 2009

"Finding the Right Diet for Your Dog," an article by Darlene Arden

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(Article © 2000 Darlene Arden. First published in AKC Gazette, March 2000)

Click on the above link to read this informative article, written by behaviorist, author, and long-time dog and cat owner Darlene Ardene. It is an excellent summary of the issues involved in feeding your dog. When one talks to people in the "commercial diet" camp and the "raw diet" camp, it sounds as if they are arguing about religion.....Darlene's article discusses the pros and cons of both types of feeding and suggests that rigid adherence to any one method, especially without the nutritional education to back it up, can be quite dangerous to your dog's health.

For more information about Darlene Arden, go to her web site, or visit her on Facebook:

Darlene's latest book is "Rover, Get Off Her Leg!" - "Pet Etiquette for the Dog Who Pees on Your Rug, Steals the Roast, and Poops in Improper Places." - (available at For more information about this informative, irreverent book, go to Darlene's "room" in The Red Room, an online writer's community ( -

As an aside (and this is strictly from a dog's perspective, since it's MY journal and I AM a dog!), she's a really nice person. Shhhh......Don't tell anyone that I was the one who said this, since German shepherds are supposed to be aloof with people outside their family. I wouldn't want to tarnish my image.
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