Thursday, December 17, 2009

Some Behavior Techniques are Not Good for my Psyche

My humans say that I have some "behavior challenges." I think that means that they think I am a little messed up, mentally. Supposedly, I am a " reactive dog." I have heard them say that I was not well-socialized as a puppy. I did not go to live with them until I was 10 months old, and I suppose that I had lived a rather sheltered existence before that. I had always been with my brother (from the same litter), so he was always my shield against danger. When I went out on my own, with my new family, there were times when I was nervous, especially around dogs or people I didn't know. I found that it made me feel more powerful if I bounced and barked at them, but this did not seem to make my people happy. They have been teaching me to relax, using something called a clicker, followed by a treat.

My human partner has been reading a lot of information, lately, about how "aversive training techniques" are not helpful or humane for a nervous dog like me, who is basically insecure. She read an interesting press release on the subject, so she wants me to share it on my blog. Here it is:

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