Tuesday, October 14, 2008

EXTRA! EXTRA! Candidates Mittens and Rowdy Caught Canoodling

ASPCA Presents: Cat vs. Dog '08

"A photo surfaced today showing presidential candidates Rowdy and Mittens clearly canoodling on a comfy sofa, drawing public outcry.

"A joint statement issued by the pets defended their decision to cross party lines. 'While we continue to differ on legalization of catnip, we have concluded that all pets agree on the important issues facing us today: preventing cruelty and ensuring safety and security. So we are officially joining forces to ensure the next human in the White House knows our stance.'

" 'We will take the signatures of everyone who pledges to fight cruelty directly to Obama or McCain this November.'
The statement continues: 'Also, the sunny spot on the couch is pleasant. After thoughtful negotiations, we determined that there is room for both of us.' In a press conference candidate Rowdy admitted, 'Typically I am not allowed on the sofa, but in this case an exception was made.'

"Candidate Mittens added, 'We did not anticipate having our afternoon nap interrupted by pawparazzi. But we are proud to stand together in fighting animal cruelty, and we still need your support and help.'

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