Monday, June 22, 2009

My "Pet Project" Has an Important Announcement

Since I am the official mascot for the Veterinary Emergency Funding Mission, I had to share an exciting new idea, because they need feedback and ideas. Please go to their blog to join the discussion:

This is a copy of what was posted on the blog:

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I think we have solved several of the biggest challenges for VEFM with one great idea.....


For years, shelters and SPCA's have used spay/neuter vouchers to encourage low-income pet owners to get their dogs and cats spayed or neutered. Recently, Bayer Animal Health has started a $20 voucher program to encourage owners to go to their vets for preventative care ( It would seem to me that, in this era of gift cards and gift certificates, that we can easily establish a voucher program for emergency vet care that can go NATIONWIDE immediately, not just starting in the local area where VEFM is based.
PLEASE give ideas and feedback about this plan. Below are some sites where there is information on similar programs, where we can educate ourselves about the possibilities. We would like to have the new program fully operational well before the October date for the Seaside Festival booth.

Vet-related vouchers:

Well-pet vouchers:

Spay-neuter vouchers:

Bayer might be willing to sponsor emergencies, too....$20-Vet-Voucher.html

Defense department????: "Automated Voucher Examining and Disbursing System"

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