Saturday, March 8, 2008

Ugh...So much rain....

There is not much to do inside in the rain. I tried to get someone to take me outside for a romp, but all my partner would say was, "Not now." It's not that I like going out in the rain, because I hate getting rain drops inside my ears. Even so, it is so boring inside. A couple of times, I would pick up the Snowman and take it to my person to throw it, but it gets pretty dull to trot across the room and back, even for a toy. So, I just padded back to my crate and flopped down. From my crate, I can see through the sliding glass door to the deck. It is pouring out there. Even if it stops raining soon, I know that it will have to dry out a bit before I am allowed to run, because it's too easy to slip. My people had quite a scare, a few months ago, because I slipped while galloping on some wet leaves and trying to turn quickly. One of my back legs slid out and it really hurt, so I yelped and held my leg up. You'd have thought I'd died! Both humans ran over to me and felt my leg all over. They looked really scared. It wasn't THAT bad. I limped for a few minutes, and I was completely fine in an hour. Even so, they would not let me run at all for a week and now I'm not allowed to run when it's wet outside.

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