Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Now There's a GPS Locator for Dogs

I heard of an interesting new product to help owners find lost dogs. It's a GPS tracking collar for dogs. I've heard about wild animals getting radio collars so that researchers can track their movements, but imagine a dog wearing a collar like that. I guess it's not quite like the ones the wild animals wear, because this one is not a real radio. Even so, it makes it so that a dog like me can be found if we get loose and go off some where to have a good time. I heard a crazy story about my sister Dixie getting lost in a blizzard last year. She was lost for 3 days and was found 10 miles away from home, frantic and exhausted. She was located because her owner had put a story about her on the radio and a man called saying that he saw this German shepherd running back and forth at the other end of his snow-covered field, but he couldn't get near it, because it was so scared. He called the number given on the radio and, sure enough, it was my sister. I heard that when Dixie heard her owner calling her name, she went barreling toward her and leaped into her arms.

Anyway, I'm off the subject of these new collars. They are made by Zoombak and their web site information is at I have a microchip implanted under my skin, which has an advantage of not being removable, but it still has to be scanned and called into the proper place for me to be located. I like the idea that I can be located directly. I think my person is going to find out a little more about it. One thing I do know is that the Zoombak collars cost $200. (Well, really $199.99, but that's an awful lot like $200 in my book.)

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