Friday, February 29, 2008

Waiting for Spring.....Sigh....

No matter how many times I bounce around and look hopefully at the door and at my leash, I simply cannot get my people to take me on a walk when it's cold outside. A few days ago, it was sunny and pretty warm, so my partner and I did take a short walk, and I got to say hello to my neighbor Macy (a Saint Bernard) and this old beagle who always runs down his driveway to bark at me. I would think that a dog as old and as fat and as short as he is, would think twice about challenging me, but he does. I don't know why I'm not allowed just to pounce on him and put him in his place, but my partner won't let me. Hmphh! Macy and I always sniff noses and then we bounce and woof a little, but it's all just bluster. We both like to pretend we're tough dogs. Oh, I do hope Spring comes soon. The robins are already here. Spring can't be too far away. I can't wait!

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