Friday, February 1, 2008

Hedgehog Day-Dreams Continue

Well.... My daydream continued this afternoon. I was staring out the glass slider and listening to the wind and freezing rain hit the window. I started drifting toward sleep and remembering the story my mind had concocted the other day. The next thing I knew, the tree branches whipping around outside started to look like large, soaring birds, carrying objects in their talons. And so, another daydream was born.

Piggy rolled up into his self-protective ball and kept his eyes closed. This time he didn't think he was about to die, but he was not about to look down at the ground! He could hear the other three hawks nearby, and then one more pair of wings, that flapped more slowly than the hawks, and he realized that Golda had taken off just after they did. In several minutes, they were in a quiet stand of stately, tall trees with huge, spreading branches. The bird that was carrying him settled onto a branch and held him gently until he unrolled himself, so that he wouldn't roll right off the branch and fall to the ground. When he was back to his normal shape and looked around, he saw that he and his hawk partner, whose name was Harmon, were lined up on one branch, along with each of the other 3 hedgehogs and their respective partners. Directly in front of them and on a slightly higher branch, was Golda the eagle.
Golda cleared her throat and addressed the hedgehogs first. "Young men. We are asking you to participate in an endeavor that could be critical to maintaining the stability of the entire human race, perhaps even of this planet. However, I want you to know that you will completely free to go after I have explained the role we are asking you to play. We want no one to stay against his will. Should you choose not to participate, your partner will take you back to where you were picked up and you will not be approached again."

The boys shifted excitedly, eager to learn what was going on. There perspective on the world had been quite limited until this point, so they were ready to begin a new adventure. Golda continued: "There are powers in the universe about which humans know very little. Some of them are very, very good and some are extremely evil. We have learned that some of the forces of evil are accumulating great strength in the far northern regions. We need to fight them before it is too late. Your mission will be dangerous, but it is vital to our success in the North. That is all I am permitted to tell you. If you choose to accept this mission, you will learn all the details, but you will be sworn to secrecy. It is imperative that humans not learn of the danger they are in, because they are totally unprepared to handle it, yet they would try. And, if they try, they will be destroyed. If you want to join with us, now is the time. Proceed toward the trunk of this tree, where we can talk more privately.
Piggy did not know what to expect from the other three, but he himself felt in his heart that he was made for this moment. Immediately, he stood up and started moving toward the trunk. One at a time, two of the other three followed. Only one stayed behind. Without another word, the hawk who had been with him lifted him gently and flew off.
After a sharp crack and a crash as a branch broke off and landed on the deck, I was suddenly fully awake. This time, I really looked forward to another day-dream. Maybe I'd find out what happened next.

Photo credits: (in order) Harris' Hawk in flight--from, Hedgehog--rolled--from, goldeneagle--from, Young hedgehog--sarabel, from, Harris' Hawk, from webshots--2107209600048216361mkSPgJ_fs, Hawk high in tree--from

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