Monday, February 4, 2008

Something Called the Super Bowl

There were some strange goings-on at my house last night. It had something to do with a game humans play, using a football. Now, I have a football toy--in fact, I have two, although one is small and soft and yellow and squeeks a lot and the other is brown and kind of hard and used to have a rope through it until I chewed off the knots and my person-partner threw away the rope. For humans, though, a football is WAY more than just a toy.

I know that this game has been on their television before. Why everyone was in such a state about it last night was quite puzzling. I'd be nice and relaxed on my bed and then one of my humans would jump up and scream "Yes!" and other exclamations. Then, just as I was getting settled again, something else would happen--sometimes, good--sometimes, bad. All I know is, that when the game was over, I thought someone had died. In fact, I had to go sniff everyone, just to make sure they were all OK. Why can't humans be more like dogs? After all, a game is just a game, right?

Photo credits: Football--from:; hobieWithFriends--3 dogs carrying football, from

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